Spider-Man: No Way Home ‘Notifies Pandemic Preview Record With $ 50 Million – Movie 2021 de Marvel

Sony / Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Road Home charted the second-best opening day in national box office history at $ 121.5 Million (including $ 50 million previews) after Avengers Endgame ($ 157.4M) and for ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 119.1 million). That is also the highest opening day in the history of the month of December. This now puts Tom Holland-Zendaya-Benedict Cumberbatch directed by Jon Watts and film the villain Spidey stars in an estimated $ 242 million – $ 247.5M +over three days, which would make it the fourth-highest opening of all time between the US and Canada, behind Avengers Endgame ($ 357.1 Million), Avengers: Infinity War ($ 257.7 million), and Star Wars: the awakening of the force ($ 247.96 million).

The expectation is that on Saturday it will ease by 40% from the Friday + preview figure, however in most cases when we have such a big box office beast it only gets bigger. Some watch Spider-Man: No Road Home beating Force Awakens’ weekend 3 days. Spider-Man: No Way Homealso gets a big hug from moviegoers with an A + CinemaScore; Top grade for a live-action Spider-Man, and second for the franchise that features the Oscar-winning animated film, 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

A great indication that the power of the big screen will not be defeated by a pandemic: Ticket sales for all films this weekend are expected to reach an estimated $ 268.8 million, up 8% from two years ago. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the latest blockbuster, opened before Covid. However, as we mentioned earlier, the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home is not a case of tide turning all ships. No Way Home is controlling 91% of ticket sales for the entire weekend, this compared to Rise of Skywalkerwhich had an opening of $ 177.3M that represented 72% of the national BO between December 20 and 22, 2019.

Imax and PLF displays generate 32% of Sin camino a casa ticket sales to date. On Friday, we heard, AMC Burbank in CA and AMC Empire in New York raised over 300K. There were eight theaters making over $ 200K each and 180 making over $ 100K each in one day, which is huge.

The updated Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak outputs still show 5 stars from the general audience with a 96% positive, a final recommendation of 91% for children under 12 who give the film a 98% rating. The 18-34 year-old demo is largely responsible for the success of this blockbuster, with 70% men under 25 with 38% (97% grade), men over 25 with 25% (grade of 96%), women under 25 with 22% (Grade of 95%) and women older than 25 to 15% (now a grade of 92%). The updated displays of diversity are 32% Caucasian, 30% Latino and Hispanic, 17% Black, and 14% Asian.

Kerry Hayes / 20th Century Studies

No Road Home runs for 2 hours and 28 minutes, proving that long superhero movies during the pandemic are still appealing to their core audiences. You can’t do the same for older biased movies, like this weekend’s other broad release , Guillermo del Toro’s Searchlight Nightmare Alley which is 2 1/2 hours long. The updated noir feature film adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s novel and the 1947 film reissue, despite its 80% fresh rating certified by Rotten Tomatoes critics, is set to make $ 3.25 million, perhaps $ 4 millionsthis weekend at 2,145. The movie will have to wait until after Christmas in case an adult ventures into this 8-time Critics Choice nominated role. CinemaScore is a B, which is higher than the B- of Del Toro’s previous art genre release (the Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water was Platform), Crimson Peak. In October 2015 before the pandemic, Crimson Peak opened at $ 13.1 million and ended its US run at $ 31 million. Water’s form of four Oscars, including Best Picture and Director, came to $ 63.8 million. The final marks of both photos are possibly impossible for Nightmare Alleyto emulate, plus it’s a much darker movie than the romantic Shape of Water.


FRIDAY NOON UPDATE: By industry estimates at noon, not Sony, Spider-Man: No Way Home is easily heading toward an opening that’s north of $ 200 million. Some have the Jon Watts-directed MCU title between $ 238 million and $ 250 million. They told me if the wheels fall off Spider-Manand plummets 50% on Saturday (from Friday), it should still land comfortably north of $ 200 million. Triple note, midday estimates on Friday are always the most aggressive. My understanding is that Sony already has $ 97 million in the bank for today, which should put the Tom Holland-Zendaya image between $ 115 million and $ 120 million (including $ 50 million previews). If a meteor were to hit Earth this weekend and for some unexpected reason Spidey is in the high $ 100 million range, there’s no reason we couldn’t call that a phenomenal success, especially now that we’re enduring a pandemic. in progress. There is too much enthusiastic word of mouth here.

As far as Covid is concerned, we are hearing that theater capacity restrictions are in effect at 50% in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada. That’s not expected to ruin what we’re seeing here in Spider-Man.

As for other movies on the market, I heard that this weekend is not one where the tide rises to all ships; Spider-Man: With no way home he ‘s sucking up all the oxygen. Still, behold the living financial power of a fire-breathing theatrical window. Why the heck doesn’t anyone want to practice the day and date, again? Someone, remember me.

20th Century Studios / Amblin / Disney’s West Side Story is seeing a 55-60% decline for the 3-day weekend by $ 4- $ 5 million on the second weekend. The Steven Spielberg musical ended its first week with $ 14.5 million.

Meanwhile, after having its shares in the low $ 20 range, AMC’s number one exhibitor at the time of this report sees it rise to $ 29.04, +4.59.

FRIDAY UPDATE: $ 50 million preview of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Easily pandemic record, all time for Sony; Defeat ‘Last Jedi’ and ‘Infinity War’; $ 100 million on Friday probably

Who says people love to stay home and watch movies?

Proving that theatrical is still king, Sony / Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Road Home drew a massive $ 50 million , the third best preview night ever and the most money Sony has ever seen in one night. Thursday’s preview.

It easily buries the previous high we’ve seen during the pandemic, which is for Disney / Marvel Black Widow at $ 13.2 million. It also surpasses Sony’s previous Thursday high, which was for Spider-Man: Homecoming – Tom Holland’s first MCU Spider-Man – which minted $ 15.4 million in 2017.

Among the all-time Thursday preview records, and conceded that Spider-Man screenings began at 3 p.m. – the picture ranks behind that of 2019. Avengers Endgame ($ 60 million, discount at the start 6 p.m.) and 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 57 million).

Sources tell me a $ 100 million opening day for the Jon Watts-led multiverse title is likely, and even if it falls short, there’s still nothing to cry about because Spider-Man: No Road Home is the one. biggest movie we’ve seen in a long time. Avengers Endgame Thursday accounted for 38% of its first opening day of $ 157.46 million, Force Awakens’ preview night accounted for 48% of its $ 119.1 million on Friday, while Last Jedi Los $ 45 million on Thursday represented 43% of its $ 104.7 million on Friday.

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General box office analytics firm EntTelligence reports that more than 3.7 million people watched Spider-Man: No Way Home on Thursday night, 95% of all tickets sold after 3 p.m. On average, the exhibit had 16 times for the movie in the evening. Moviegoers paid an average of $ 13.56 per ticket.

‘Spider-Man: Sin camino a casa’

Sony Pictures
Outside the Door Spider-Man: No Road Home earns five stars on Comscore / Screen Engine’s PostTrak from the general audience and a massive 95% positive rating and an impressive 89% definitive recommendation. Spider-Man: No Way Home Thursday night’s crowd – and we mean that – was 65% male, 35% female. Men under 25 years of age led with 38% (best grade with 98%), men under 25 years were 27% (grade 95%), women under 25 years were 21% (94%), while women over 25 years of age accounted for 14% (88%). SpideyIt attracted 33% Caucasian, 33% Hispanic and Latino, 17% Black, and 13% Asian. The 18-34 year old show accounted for a whopping 75% of last night’s ticket sales. Those over 45 were 6%. Parents loved Sin camino a casa giving it five stars and 100% on all demos, while the kids under 12 were a bit picky, giving it 4.5 stars but a positive total of 96%.

Before Sony made its preview number official this morning, circuits No. 1 and 3 AMC and Cinemark were already declaring records, along with online ticket seller Fandango. Imax also had plenty to brag about with a $ 10.1M WW loot for Sin camino a casa $ 5.14 million sourced from domestic countries, making it the third-largest Thursday night of the large-format exhibitor.

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AMC saw its biggest opening night of December and second best after Avengers Endgame, with Spider-Man: No Way Home selling 1.1 million tickets in the US on Thursday. That was also the highest number of people who saw a movie in one day in AMC theaters in the US during all calendar years 2020 and 2021.

“It goes without saying that we are very happy to see a record number of people return to the cinema to capture the magic that is on offer in AMC theaters,” said AMC President and CEO Adam Aron in a release. “Yesterday, for opening night, we welcomed about 1.1 million guests to see Spider-Man: No Road Home in our US theaters. Our congratulations to Sony Pictures on this wonderfully successful new film.”

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron sees the “opportunity” in real legal problems, does it exist?

Aron added: ” Spider-Man clearly tells us that consumers in large numbers want the experience that only AMC cinemas can provide, and our incredible theater crews were ready for the moment.”

The circuit’s share price has dropped from its November $ 30- $ 40 price levels, currently at $ 28.87. But AMC saw a rally this morning thanks to Spidey, +4.48 at the time of this report.

Meanwhile, Cinemark saw its biggest opening night of all time, while also setting a first-night record for its PLF XD auditoriums.

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“Moviegoers flocked to our theaters last night to experience Spider-Man: No Road Home in a state-of-the-art cinematic setting, setting several all-time Cinemark records,” said Justin McDaniel, Senior Vice President of Global Content for Cinemark. “The large number of people who came to see this film on the biggest screen, many for the first time since the pandemic, underscores the irreplaceable value of the movie theater experience, which we are delighted to continue to offer in collaboration with our studio. partners. Congratulations to the entire Sony team for an outstanding opening performance of their latest blockbuster. ”

Fandango says Spider-Man: No Road Home is already its biggest ticket seller of the year, topping all tickets sold for all theatrical performances of any 2020 or 2021 title, including previous ticket sales champion Shang-Chi. and the legend of the ten rings . On Thursday, Fandango saw its best-performing preview day since Avengers Endgame (Thursday, April 25, 2019) with No Road Home; It even surpassed Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Thursday, December 19, 2019).

‘Nightmare Alley’ Black And White Release Will Increase The Pace Of Film Noir

Bradley Cooper en Nightmare Alley
Bradley Cooper in ‘Nightmare Alley’
Kerry Hayes / Twentieth Century Study
Searchlight made trailers for Guillermo del Toro Nightmare Alley, which will open in 2,120 theaters. The photo posted $ 225,000 last night. A single-digit opening is expected for the 2.5-hour movie. PostTrak audiences gave the photo an 80% positive recommendation and a 57% final recommendation. The 18 to 34 year old demo represented 56% of all ticket buyers with 24% over 45 years old. Men over 25 years with 44% and women over 25 with 30% were the main demonstrations. Those 13-17 (5%) and 45-54 (9%) gave the last of Del Toro a perfect score.

We will have more updates as they come.

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